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Delta Trading Group – Advice for Young Investors: How to Trade with $1,000

Delta Trading Group reviews

With these uncertain economic times, young adults have learned the necessity of having more than one stream of income and not solely relying on their 9-5 job. Those who begin investing in their 20s have a higher potential for retiring early; however, historically, young adults are frequently cautious when investing. Delta Trading Group recognizes young adults’ priorities such as investing in low-risk ventures and making immediate returns when entering the trading market. With these parameters in mind, Delta Trading Group recommends the following low-risk trading opportunities. 

Invest Your $1,000 in a Mutual Fund 

For those will little-to-no experience investing, a mutual fund is a great option to grow your money with peace of mind. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools money from various investors and is allocated to different stocks and bonds by a professional money manager and their team of analysts. While some fees are associated with mutual funds, the average cost to participate is only 1.45%, or $14.50 annually. This annual fee is a fair price for an average return of 13%, and the knowledge that top professionals are handling your money.

U.S. Treasury Securities

One of the safest investment options out there, U.S. Treasury Securities, allow traders, for as little as $100, to invest in U.S. bills, bonds, notes, and TIPS. These investments have maturities that vary from less than one year to more than 30 years. A low risk, although low reward option, this is an excellent alternative for the young investor.  

Traditional or Roth IRA 

For many millennials and Gen Zers, retirement is a distant thought. However, a great way to grow capital, especially for someone with just $1,000 to invest, is to open a Traditional or Roth IRA with an online broker. When you open a Traditional or Roth IRA, there are typically no account minimums required. You can open an account and begin investing money once you have a sufficient amount available that you feel comfortable to invest. IRAs have the added benefit of periodical promotions, which offer various benefits ranging from cash to free trades. 

401k Match

When investing for the first time, inexperienced traders frequently search for a “sure thing” investment, or an investment that has a guarantee of a great return. There’s no such thing as a guarantee of a return in stocks, a 401k match, however, does in fact, guarantee a 100% return. If offered by your employer, a 401k match is an agreement between an employee and employer that an employer will contribute a certain amount to a retirement savings account. Few people who are offered a 401k match take advantage of the opportunity, check with your employer to see if your company offers this benefit.